Northeast conclave

climate resilient livelihoods

17th February, 2023
NEDFi House, Guwahati

Climate Change: Livelihood Challenges in Northeast India

Northeast India is not only a hotspot of biodiversity, but also home to many different ethnic groups with a rich cultural heritage and traditional knowledge of the environment. The livelihoods of people in this region are highly dependent on natural resources and are threatened by climate change. Therefore, it is important to understand the challenges of this region in order to develop strategies to promote climate-adapted, sustainable livelihoods. 

Climate Change adaptation and Sustainable livelihood Strategies

Protecting and enhancing natural services that protect communities from the impacts of climate change and provide them with a range of resources to cope with shocks will not only address immediate development priorities, but also improve local capacity to adapt to climate change in northeast India. Various adaptation approaches used by the government, nongovernmental organisations, Ashoka fellows, and other organisations could provide learning opportunities for the states of NE

Co-creating an Enabling Ecosystem for NER towards climate resilient livelihoods

The role of government, NGOs, CBOs, private sector, CSRs, financial institutions, and philanthropists in strengthening the community around climate resilient livelihoods is very important. Therefore, this session will focus on the role of different organisations in creating an enabling ecosystem for NER towards climate resilient livelihoods.

Scaling up adaptation action : Way forward to climate resilient livelihood

Scaling up adaptation action : Way forward to climate resilient livelihood

Scaling up successful climate change adaptation efforts could be a potential way to build a solid foundation for promoting climate resilient livelihoods. This session will therefore discuss and tap into various opportunities for scaling up adaptation actions and corresponding approaches.